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Coming Home

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This song was written during a songwriting workshop. The title “Coming Home” was the objective. I have used the songwriting-oriented interpretation of that phrase.


                From a point of rest

                I flew the nest

                Measure by measure

                My journey progressed

PRE-CH 1             

                My home is always where your heart is

                No matter where the end or the start is


                In your melody

                I find my harmony

                All I need to survive

                We share a common key

                In sync rhythmically

                To your heartbeat metronome

                I’ll arrive just after 5

                I’m coming home


                My reason your rhyme

                4/4 ever in time

                Measure by measure

                Bar line by bar line

PRE-CH 2             

                Your voice leading me to turnaround

                Pulling me back with familiar sound


                I wonder will you stay up late

                As I pivot into this middle 8

                A major attraction

                Your perfect song

                A minor distraction

                Looking after number 1

                A dominant force

                Must Resolve in due course

                As my modulation completes

                Count me in for the chorus repeats

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