You Of All People

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Rough chorus and middle section. Some verses waiting in the wings.


                You of all people

                Should understand

                The past abandoned

                The future planned

                To me of all people

                You should really show

                That you’re on board

                With how this should go

                I thought if anyone knew

                It would be you

                You of all people

                You of all people

                Should know



                Of all the people

                I thought I could trust

                Am I only me

                Or are we us?

                Just… let me know or let us go

                Best or worst case scenario

Coming Home

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This song was written during a songwriting workshop. The title “Coming Home” was the objective. I have used the songwriting-oriented interpretation of that phrase.


                From a point of rest

                I flew the nest

                Measure by measure

                My journey progressed

PRE-CH 1             

                My home is always where your heart is

                No matter where the end or the start is


                In your melody

                I find my harmony

                All I need to survive

                We share a common key

                In sync rhythmically

                To your heartbeat metronome

                I’ll arrive just after 5

                I’m coming home


                My reason your rhyme

                4/4 ever in time

                Measure by measure

                Bar line by bar line

PRE-CH 2             

                Your voice leading me to turnaround

                Pulling me back with familiar sound


                I wonder will you stay up late

                As I pivot into this middle 8

                A major attraction

                Your perfect song

                A minor distraction

                Looking after number 1

                A dominant force

                Must Resolve in due course

                As my modulation completes

                Count me in for the chorus repeats

Hello Synthpop World!

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Welcome to the Synthly Pop blog from IntroOutro Songs. As yet, a little light on actual  posts as my main website comes online. Future posts are planned on subjects such as:

  • I liked the follow-up better
  • Colourful hexagonal syndrum classics
  • Synthpop tracks by non-technopop artists
  • No hit wonders

Once is up and running and I have searched my MP3 player for the musical gems about which the above draft post titles specifically relate, I shall get publishing. Until then [Ad-lib to fade…]

About My Blog

This blog is linked from my songwriting website, featuring work-in-progress lyrics and posts about my favourite synthpop music and artists.